The Smart Platform
that Matches the Right
Offer to the Right Prospect.
Every Time.

Customer Communication Done Right (FINALLY!)

The Strength of 1:1 Marketing with the power of 1:Many Reach

Mobile Push Notifications, email marketing, and direct communication are an incredibly powerful way to engage with your customers. But the reality is everyone is overloaded — the digital noise is deafening.

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Stop the Digital Noise & Turn Up Customer Engagement

Optie is here to help quiet the noise.

In today’s industry, most companies struggle to successfully segment their audience and none can truly target the individual which means companies spend a lot of time and money debating content and strategy — and they might still miss with their customers.

When customers opt-out, everyone loses.

Reap the Big-Impact Benefits of Optie

Optie is unique and offers a true alternative to traditional customer communication and intelligence solutions. It is the best way to target and re-target customers. Our platform automatically filters out the noise by applying unique and robust preference and intelligence profiles for every single user providing real understanding of what your customer wants and needs.


Optie integrates easily and seamlessly into your app and/or website and then creates custom, ever-evolving individual segments on-demand, allowing you to market smarter and more efficiently. With Optie, you’ll:

  1. Increase engagement
  2. Increase customer retention
  3. Drive Sales
  4. Control your PPA (price per acquisition)
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Stop creating content for your user list, and let us create a user list for your content.