About the Optie AI-driven customer segmentation system that creates a positive impression and increases retention and the Optie company.

Our Story

The seed for Optie got planted the day the industry leader in sports news sent "Tom Brady arrives at Gillette Stadium in a puffy jacket" as a push notification. As we stewed over the audacity of the marketer behind that notification thinking we cared what TB12 wore as winter wear, we decided to explore building a better sports news app. We sketched out some ways to build an AI-driven platform that learned the type of news we liked and what we didn't.

We quickly realized we had something of value that went way beyond a better sports news app and began building what Optie has become.

football stadium from center field

Who We Are

Matt Rubin

Matt Rubin, Chief Executive Officer

Matt has been involved in startups his entire working career. He loves connecting people, growing companies, and seeing the positive outcomes that are a result of hard work. A life-long athlete, he lives for teamwork, concentrated effort, and strong ethics driving business success. Optie is Matt’s brainchild and he guides the team on the long-term vision and market applications.

Jerry Forde, Chief Operating Officer

Jerry has worked in information technology and software engineering for over 25 years. He worked for firms such as Codex, Intellution, IBS America, and Network Engines where he managed software development teams, and evaluated and innovated new software products and technologies. Jerry started his own IT Services Company in 2005 which focuses on providing outsourced Managed Services to small to medium sized businesses. The company is still going strong today. A seasoned veteran of the industry, he brings a guiding voice to Optie.

Jerry Forde

Gina Gonzalez-Roundey, Chief Technology Officer

Gina is a whiz of a software engineer. A graduate from Worcester Polytechnic Institute with a degree in computer science, she enjoys working on artificial intelligence, computational theory, and algorithms.

Four More Reasons to Love Optie


Honesty rules the plays of our game. If there was an award for honesty, we’d win. We’re not going to use trendy buzzwords to lure you into something that doesn’t deliver — anything and everything we say we can do, we can back up.


Our patent-pending Optie app is fundamentally sound technology. We base our decisions on what makes sense for the customer and the app — not what we can do in the cheapest way possible, so you know you’re receiving a robust, business-changing product.


We depend on our customers so we’ll treat you as if you were our only customer. We want to build strong customer relationships and make sure it works for everyone. We’re prepared to develop whatever you need, whether it’s a new feature or an adjustment in part of the integration process. We can’t achieve our mission and vision without you.


With Optie on your team, you’ll raise the championship trophy at the end of every marketing campaign.