Become an Optie customer or beta customer and solve the customer segmentation problem.

Become an Optie Customer

The Answer to Every Digital Marketer’s Biggest Digital Problem

How many hours have you spent around a conference table debating if you’re sending too many push notices or not enough? How much discussion has gone into what to send, when to do it, and to whom?

Sending daily or weekly email blasts? Tired of the low click rates, and the inevitable opt outs?

Optie saves you time because the choices are clear and easy — you know exactly who to send what notice.

When you add Optie to your marketing efforts, you’ll see customer engagement and retention increase and opt-outs decrease — which all translates to better sales.

It’s Super Easy

All we need to do is integrate with your existing database and ecosystem. Once the line of code is dropped in, it doesn’t require any development or tech work — it’s made for your marketing team to operate and use. And we’re here to help make integration as easy and seamless as possible.

As for pricing, we’re amazingly competitive and promise that with Optie, you’re getting a significantly better product than what’s on the market and the benefits are money-making. Contact us to learn more about how Optie can help your company win the push notification game.

We Want You to Know

We’re NOT in the business of selling data. We are in the business of making mobile marketing better because that’s a win-win scenario. Our values demand nothing but honest and straightforward decisions, strategies, and tactics. We’re trying to help your customers not be inundated with marketing messaging they don’t want.

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Want to Try It First? Play in Our Sandbox as a BETA Customer

We get it. So many apps on the market promise a LOT and just never deliver. So, we understand if you want to try it out first. We’ve created a way to do that without compromising your current system allowing you to test it out on a smaller scale.

We create an offline “sandbox” environment which will allow you to safely play with Optie to test your content, see if you like what it can do, and if you think it improves how your messages are received.