How Optie improves your communications, increases engagement and customer retention, and decreases optouts.

Improve Your Marketing by Making It Personal

Most companies using push notifications, email marketing, etc are, in essence, doing so in “bulk.” They make assumptions about customer preferences that may not be true.

But we know what they say about making assumptions, right?

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How Optie Works

Your marketing team crafts a message, puts it into the system, and then instantly sees who in your user-base is recommended to receive that notification.

And you don't need to build work-flows or set anything up — the moment our code is dropped in, it begins building customer profiles. We can even sync your existing user data to build robust profiles from the start.

We truly are the only AI-driven mobile-engagement automation platform. We:

  • Increase engagement and retention
  • Help with digital growth
  • Improve mobile app optimization
  • Decrease opt-outs

We do not offer any type of “fluff” as a feature of Optie. We stand behind our core feature: an intelligent learning system that creates a unique send list for every piece of content you have.

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One Piece of Code Changes Everything

All we need to do is to drop one small piece of code into your app to start collecting the data that will significantly improve your push notifications and result in increased customer retention.

We consider every user's individual actions as they engage with your site/app, ensuring that content they'll engage with gets to them and the content that will make them opt-out never even gets to their fingertips. With each new push notification, the data ecosystem gets smarter and your marketing ROI gets better.

Optie creates individual AI-based profiles for each of your users and our platform adapts in real time on an individual basis giving you a powerful way to successfully engage with each of your customers.

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